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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Your pictures can sing

Your pictures can sing. Snowdrop who you may know as Little Snowflake wanted to start her own blog. So here it is. Of course it has to be monitored by Mummy. She will be typing her own blogs and wants to earn money through Google Adverts so she can do competitions and have money left over (Pocket money) for toys. Quite a business head on little shoulders.

Snowdrops quote "Oh yeah I just started my own blog!"

Your pictures can sing (Original song by Snowdrop)

Snowdrop is doing her interview and she love's doing art and singing. She will be selling ACEOS (Art cards) and love's doing videos.

Stay tuned as Snowdrop wants to do children's competitions! And if you want to have your picture drawn by Snowdrop it is £2.50 + postage approx. £1.99 (picture size A3.)

Sample of drawings (old pictures.) I sang Heal the World in school this summer:

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