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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Moshi monster happy land

Once upon a time there was a club for 
baby Moshling's.

Jeeper, Honey, Scamp Pooky. 

The babies decided that they are going to the human world. Pooky came up with the idea of  travelling into the human world. But Honey said "I don't no guys, it seems dangerous!" But anyway they went.

When they stepped into the human world, it didn't seem nice at all. 

Oh no somebody caught the baby Moshling's, and put them in boxes, Oh No then put them in a shop! All these little girls picked up the Moshling boxes and took them home. The girls went different separate ways to there family. The baby Moshling's were separated.

But one day the girls went over one of the girls house, they all took there Moshlings in a box and put them on the floor. Then the girls went on the slide outside. When the Moshlings were inside they crawled out of the boxes, and Honey  said to Pooky, "I did say this was not a good Idea!" Scamp & Jeepers climbed out of the box, then they got out of the front door and travelled home safely.


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