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Friday, 10 May 2013

Google Job Mind Map

Job mind map

This is my mind map when I leave home school to get a JOB. 

Here is a list of jobs, in number order, listing my favourites at the top. Google is my number one choice, because they look after their staff, there fun/kind, creative and you can wear your PJ's to work.
They have also been nominated the best company to work for.

  1. Google,  Google, Google.
  2. Disney
  3. Pets (Animals) - Zoo, RSPCA.      
  4. Gigs (Singing)
  5. Designer
  6. Teacher (Art/Singing)
  7. Art Gallery
                                 Have a look at Google's place in London, "IT IS AMAZING!"

They love there food as you can see in the video, so do I! It looks awesome, cool and good, and you can take your dog to work. 


I wonder if I could take Cindy Woo, my pet bunny to Google's Offices?

Here is my Google song I made up. Have fun.

This is my flower alien, this has the biggest hits out off all my stuff. 
It is my tutorial on how to use Art Academy on the DS.
  •  75,135 views  to date.

My Blue Nose tutorial on how to draw Binky the Panda. I have many more just check out
Little Snowflake Art, or my name now Snowdrop, on You Tube under Butterfly Lullaby Ltd.

I designed this rag doll (cloth doll) and Mummy made it. I have brought some more
buttons to make a Lalaloopsy rag doll, so watch this space!
Me, Snowdrop will make it all by myself, no help from Mummy this time.

I wonder what Google thinks of my Doodles. Mummy thinks I am awesome.
But Mummy's always say that about their kids. What do you think?
Would I be good at making Google Doodles?

I have many other videos by Little Snowflake Art and Snowdrop so check me out on
You Tube http://www.youtube.com/user/ButterflyLullabyLtd?feature=watch

This is my "FAMILY JOY" song about how much I love my family.

This is a song I created with my Mummy and Daddy about how sad it is for
children to lose their parents to drunken drivers. They should be with family that love them.

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