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Monday, 20 May 2013

Moshi Monsters Story

Once upon a time there were twelve Glumps. But one day the Glumps made a machine, it made the Glumps look like Moshlings in disguise.   

So the Glumps went to Doctor Strange Glove's lab, and Doctor Strange Glove said "What have you got me here?" The Glumps replied "We have made a machine!" Doctor Strange Glove said "Show me what it could do." 

So one of the Glumps jumped into the machine, and then the Glumps started turning into a Moshling in disguise. 


The Glumps were in disguise as Mr Snoodle. 

Doctor Strange Glove said "That is amazing!" All the glumps went in the machine.   

Then the Glumps went in disguise to Moshi Monsters Town and said

The Glumps went to Moshi Monster land. Then they saw the Super Moshi's so the Glumps hid. The Super Moshi's said "This seems different, I SMELL GLUMPS!" So the Moshi's looked all over for the Glumps to try and find them.

Then the Super Moshi's said "Hi Mr Snoodle, nice to see you." The Super Moshi's went home because the Super Moshis didn't know the Mr Snoodle's  were the GLUMPS. 

The Glumps as Mr snoodle found a letter and it read ...

Hello my name is Mr snoodle, some one HELP me!
Doctor Strange Glove has kidnapped  me ...

The Glumps disguised as Mr Snoodle said, "WE HAVE TO HIDE THIS LETTER  SO NOBODY FINDS IT!"  The glumps, as Mr Snoodle, hid the letter.  

After two years Moshi Monster land was GONE.

DUN, DUN, DUN the Glumps made Moshi Monsters their workers. There were no colours at all, it was so sad, but then the Super Moshi's came to the rescue. They got everything back to normal, Doctor Strange Glove was crying.

 The Moshi Monsters where happy that everything was back to normal.


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