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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sylvanian music set

Awesome music set 
My music set is awesome, don't you think so? It is cool, you should have a look at the video on my  awesome blog. I love my mummy and daddy, they got the Sylvanian music set "AWESOME."
I am so lucky!
Here is the awesome video: 

As you can see there are loads of little flowers on the house, that is cool. The lady from Ebay decorated the house in her own style. I think it is sad some people copy her ideas! Check out some of her amazing things that used to belong to her daughter who also sings like me Snowdrop:

The Sylvanian dress is beautiful. I called the dog Ralph and the
Sylvanian cat's name is Kitty Linda.

This is all of the house

Here are the music things for the Sylvanian house. I love the music sheets she created and all the musical instruments.

What I like about the piano is when you push the key's on the piano the key's will move up and down and the piano is shiny.

So I hope you enjoyed the pictures? And thank you Fiona for my lovely Sylvanian musical birthday card. Bye from snowdrop.

Join my Sylvanian families fan site. I would like to see all your Sylvanian stuff and stories.

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