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Monday, 21 January 2013

Sylvanian windmill

Windmill for my Sylvanian!
Chapter one
My wish list for my birthday. It will be my birthday soon and I want a Sylvanian windmill. 
It is cool, I think I might make a story about it. And I would like to have a kangaroo family.

Once a upon a time the kangaroo family lived  in a windmill and were happy. The mummy's name is Melany, kid name Lily, baby name is Daisy and the dad's name is Bob. Lily had to sleep with her baby sister. Lily said "I don't want to sleep with my baby sister. " But the mum ignored  Lily. Bob was having a lay down and the mum was doing 
the washing up when somebody knocked on the door. The mum opened the door and said "Hi." The Sylvanian replied "Hi to you too, I am here to say welcome to Sally road." The mum said "Do you want to come in?" The lady said "Ok." So the lady walked in and sat on the sofa. Melany said "What is your name?" The lady replied "My name is Mrs Trixy,
as you can see I am from Sally road and I brought three kids with me." Melany replied "I have a daughter too, her name is Lily, I will go and get her." "Lily come down here." Lily came down and said "Hi mummy." Her mum replied "You have got visitors." Lily went to see them and she asked "What are your names?" They replied "Stella, Bella and Dena."  Then they all went upstairs. "Melany how are you?" asked Mrs Trixy. Melany replied "Yeah  my life is good."

Join my Sylvanian families fan site. I would like to see all your Sylvanian stuff and stories.

Stay tuned for the next part of the story from Snowdrop.

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